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5 questions to ask in your job interview

The current job market is a candidate's market. As a job seeker, jobs are in abundance and your next career destination is waiting for you. Your needs and skills change, so should your job and career outlook should change.

Here are five great questions to ask in your interview to make sure you are making the next best move:

How would your team members and employees describe your organization's culture?

We spend a majority of our time at work and with co-workers. Whether it's a remote, hybrid or on-site position, you want to ensure that the environment allows you to show up as your true self, surround yourself with a safe environment and support, and allows you to work productively and grow. Things to look for: "Our team is like a family. We celebrate the small things, give each other support, and enjoy getting to know each other."

What type of support and training do you provide for your employees?

I once had someone ask me about ERPs in an interview. I loved his question! I shared my personal experience using our ERP contact to find a therapist during a troubling moment in my life. This candidate shared personal struggles with family and work harmony and wanted to ensure there was support to help him figure out that balance.

How does success and performance management look like in this role?

Having things like a training program, tuition reimbursement, mentors and motivating team members around you is a great start. Having regular one-on-one time with your managers and receiving coaching should be a norm. Receiving the tools and resources to not only execute your work but also gain new skills and grow as an individual.

How will I be mentored and coached for future opportunities?

I often tell job seekers that careers are not always ladders but latices in some organizations. Knowing what growth looks like and how that growth is supported is great to know when considering an organization. I once met a Data Scientist who was very bright and making amazing strides in his current role. He had an impressive job title, a generous compensation plan, and enjoyed a great benefits package. When I asked him why he was considering moving, he said simply, "I am alone in my role. I have no one to challenge my ideas or share hypothesis with. While I enjoy many great monetary benefits, I am stifled in growth and projection."

What advice would you give to someone who is new to this role/company?

I love this question - this shows you're curious and open to new experiences. It's also a great way for interview panels to share hopes and aspirations to someone who is new to the organization and team. It allows space to share insights into an organization's stability, future outlook, and even fit for you!

I hope this was helpful! Obviously, you don't have to ask all of these. Even just one question might get you the answers you need to make the best decision for yourself.

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