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Revamp your LinkedIn profile in 5 easy steps

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Get ready for some stats that will blow your mind. LinkedIn has over 740 million members and 55 million registered companies. *insert mind blown emoji*

I am one of the 40% of users who use the platform daily (during the work week of course). With over 29K followers and 10K connections, I've seen quite a few profiles both as a Recruiter and a regular ol' user. Here are some quick changes you can do today to revamp your profile.

Change your profile link

When you first join LinkedIn, your profile will generate a numeric link: Create a personalized link via "edit public profile and URL" at the upper right corner to personalize. I like to spell out my name: This allows you to display your profile link on resumes, applications, and business cards. Whenever I am coaching folks on their resumes, this is one of the first thing I have everyone change. It’s a small detail but it makes a huge impact.

Pay attention to your profile description

Most people like to use this as a title and company description. Instead of "Sr. Recruiter at Southwest Airlines" I decided to add my other identities: Talent Acquisition | Career Coach | Content Creator | Dog Mom. This is important when Recruiters are searching for folks and we only see a snapshot of your profile. Think about this section more. View other profiles, check out peers or leaders in your industry. Decide for yourself what this should like for you and adjust. If you’re a recruiter with technology and aviation experience it can show up as “Talent Acquisition | Aviator | Tech Recruiter | Dog Mom”

Add content in your "About Me"

I love this section to add a link to an online portfolio, add some personal info (I list some of my side hustles and books I love), and most importantly, a keywords section. Keywords can be the industry you’re in, experience you have, work that you do and some of the goals you have. This increases the likelihood of your profile showing up on searches.

Add a photo that shows your face

This might be a personal preference for me but I love seeing who I'm engaging with. When you're applying for a role and you're looking to connect and engage with a recruiter or hiring manager, a picture of you in sunglasses or your back in a hiking photo is a little too social media vibes for me. I cringe a little when I see Snapchat filters on profiles. And I looooooove animal pictures but as a main profile photo? I am not a fan. A smiling photo stands out as open to networking and connecting and for me as a recruiter a great start to a possible hire.

Connect, network and engage

You don't need to pay for a Premium profile to connect with professional leaders and peers. This is why I love the platform. Follow companies, industry leaders, and connect with peers. Get inspired, learn from posts and comment (professionally). A rule of thumb, the internet is forever. Comment and share with that in mind.

I hope this was helpful! Whether you're looking to grow your network or make a switch in careers and industry, consider a profile boost!

Linkedin stats can be found here:

Want more help with your LinkedIn profile? Book time with me to help!

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