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3 things you need in your resume (+ free resume template)

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Applying for jobs is exhausting. Interviews are stressful. Waiting for hiring decisions can be anxiety inducing. So I get it, trying to put together a resume is the last thing you want to do. I can help! Here are things you need to add to your resume to help you not overthink it!

List quantitative and qualitative data.

Please stop listing your job description and daily tasks. Believe me when I say this, Recruiters have an idea of what you do just from your title. We need to see the "so what" in your experience right away. Pick your top 3-5 accomplishments in your role and share the impact you brought to your organization. How much money did you save, cost avoidance, sales earned? Here is your time to humble brag about your accomplishments.

Yes, we do look you up on LinkedIn! Add your profile link!

I read somewhere that you should be selective and add only people you know on LinkedIn. I'm not sure how this is helpful advice but having a limited network while you're trying to stand out and find a new opportunity sounds counterproductive. When recruiters and hiring managers read a profile and they feel they want to read more about you, we will click on your profile link to see what other experience you have. Your profile is an opportunity to share more about your professional background. Create one if you don't have one already!

Updated technical experience should definitely be on your resume

Do you have experience with technical tools within your discipline? Do you have experience with databases and programming languages? Are you certified in a specific platform or software that is used by the organization you are applying for? List all of these. It shows you're able to learn and use technical tools but it's also transferable to your future roles. Keep this list updated by adding to your knowledge bank. It helps you stay sharp and ready for your next opportunity!

I hope this was helpful. Here's a free template for you to use. Be sure to update with your information and save it as a PDF with your first and last name. Your recruiter will thank you!

Resume template save as PDF with First Name_Last Name
Download DOC • 69KB

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Hi, Koyu! I loved your content, thanks for sharing and be so wonderful. Congrats for this website, and success in this journey.

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